Q&A Sessions, UN HQ, NYC



Q&A Sessions, UN HQ, NYC

February 1-2, 2018, UN HQ, New York, NY, USA


Dear Mr. Chairman, dignitary members of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, members of NGOs, observers!

 Богдан Виллевальде. Блюхер и казаки в Бауцене. 1885

Eight months ago, it was my honor to word issues of concern for Cossack organizations.  The World Union of Cossack Atamans is the only Cossack international organization whose application continues to be considered at this Session.  Our people is not a part of such respected and authoritative structure as the United Nations yet.

In my speech at the Resumed Session of the Committee in May 2017, I spoke in brief about our organization and explained why we believe it has truly established itself.  We received and sent to you letters of support from Cossacks of the world and explained what goals we pursue.

We also answered all the questions that we received from the dignitary members of Iran and Cuba, as well as our historic motherland - Russia.

The time between the Sessions was full of events. We held roundtables and joint initiatives with other NGOs, presentations of books published by us, celebrated our national and state holidays.

Symbolic was the Second Regular Assembly (Bolshoi Krug), held on October 21, 2017. The Assembly reelected me Ataman-in-Chief for a new term by unanimous decision of all members. Several new Cossack organizations joined our NGO.  During the discussions and talks the delegations of the Cossack organizations who participated at the Assembly proposed to informally call ourselves the Cossack United Nations.  We pursue goals consonant with the purposes of the United Nations and act in accordance with its principles, i.e. preservation of peace and interethnic harmony, counteracting terrorism, saving the rich heritage of ethnic culture, introduction of "green" technologies, conservation of nature.

Another unanimously supported initiative was the conferment of the title of Honorary Supreme Ataman to the leaders of countries whose Cossack representatives are the members of our organization.  We sent greetings to the heads of the countries who were awarded the highest Cossack honor - to be called Honorary Supreme Ataman and receive the symbols of the Ataman authority from the delegation of the Cossacks.  At present the Cossack people's diplomats work with the administrations of their countries on negotiating and coordinating the time and place of the solemn delivery of these symbols.

The Cossacks believe that if our organization is granted the status with the ECOSOC it will not only bring a peculiar flavor, but also significantly revitalize its work. The issues raised by the Cossacks are directly related to the sphere of interests and influence of the UN, i.e. peace and conflict-free coexistence of peoples within states and regions, the introduction of innovative technologies for the sustainable development of mankind, the strengthening of friendship between the leaders of the world's leading powers.  But the activities of the Cossack UN are built on people's diplomacy, which is much more effective and efficient than long bureaucratic corridors and protocols. Face-to-face direct communication, objective presentation of events, of griefs, of hopes, of thoughts and aspirations of people – all of which, as we understand it, is the primary concern and purport of the Committee.

We have much to share, being the grass-root, primary sources of information.  We are concerned with the deterioration of the international situation throughout the world. We are perplexed that the rapid development of breakthrough and ultra-modern technologies run parallel to the paradoxical, incessant deepening of economic depression and poverty of the mankind, and as a result of the colossal increase in the number of fraud crimes, human fraud, local wars and regional conflicts, numerous cases of natural disasters are alarming due to the glaring climate change on the planet.

The Cossacks believe that our people's diplomacy can and should help in establishing relations between the superpowers - classical diplomacy has led them into a dead end. Constructive relations are necessary for the world.  For the sake of the common people, heads of state should accept their responsibility to history and nations - they cannot take personal offenses and have private interests as they serve the whole world, the whole of mankind. If any of them is unable to understand the depth and scope of the responsibility of the leader of the 21st century, they must leave.

We, the Cossacks, the people who went through a most cruel genocide of communist regime in the last century.  Now divided and scattered, we had repeatedly collected the world together before and skillfully defended various nations and ethnicities throughout the history of our coexistence.  We are the people who failed to foresee the impending catastrophe at the beginning of the last century and thus, lost everything.  Still we thank the Lord for this experience that gave us the strength and wisdom of the Warriors of the Christ.   So nowadays, we crave peace like no one else, and we support the leaders who care for the unity of countries and peoples.  Deep is our understanding of the human nature.

WUCA was the only international non-governmental organization that initially supported the candidacy of Donald Trump in the US elections.  We have not regretted it for a moment.   At the initiative of the US Cossacks we elected him Honorary Supreme Ataman, despite the flow of disinformation and provocations.  Trump's victory in the elections has shown to the world that democracy in the US is as ever a guiding star for all the nations, as it is the will of the American people and not that of the oligarchy and the bureaucratic machine that is the law and conscience of a great nation. We wish him success in bringing order to his great country and hope that the Christian values of good, peace and justice will be restored throughout the world.

These days, a presidential election campaign is at full swing in our historic motherland - Russia. The Cossack Assembly held in Almaty also elected Vladimir Putin Honorary Supreme Ataman at the initiative of the Cossack delegations of Russia.  The Cossacks decided to support his candidacy at the presidential elections.  His great merit is that he managed to withstand terrorist threats and attacks not only in Russia, but also in the Middle East.

Dear dignitary members of the Committee, we invite the United Nations and all its structures to provide the maximum support to the brightest leaders of the modern world - Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in establishing their personal friendly relations and mutual understanding as respected statesmen. After all, they bear the main burden of responsibility in deterring and limiting the nuclear arms race, and in confronting terrorism. Together they can make the most of their countries' potentials so that all peoples on earth can live in accordance with the principles of the United Nations.  We should mention the name of our Leader - President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, his peacekeeping and anti-nuclear initiatives are more relevant than ever.

Today, injustice is flagrant in the world where one percent of oligarchs own more than 82% of the world's wealth.  There are barely any countries left still following the principle of the fair distribution of public goods. Among those few is our beloved Belarus and its leader Alexander Lukashenko, whom the people call Bat'ka (Father).  Nobility, decency, honor and conscience, ability to lead the state in the interests of the whole society - this is what the leader of the XXI century should be like.

But now we are meeting here at the UN Headquarters in New York, on the soil of the United States of America, whose financial contribution to the UN activities is principal. Therefore, our welcoming address to the newly elected President of the United States of America will benefit us all and the people of the United States in the first place.

Where else WUCA can, in our "people's diplomacy" opinion, be useful?  It is a peacekeeping mission of the Cossack UN in Ukraine.  We are very concerned about the situation of ordinary people, our brothers and sisters, plunged into innumerable sufferings and a military conflict in the territory of a completely European Christian world ... I want to remind you of the words of the monk Nestor the Chronicler written a thousand years ago in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra: "... where does the Russian land come from, who started in Kiev as the first prince and from where did the Russian land begin?" - From Kievan Rus.  Where are the relics of three hundred Russian saints? - In the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.  Where are the relics of the first Cossack of Holy Rus - Elijah Muromets? –  There as well.  The world must understand that our people are triune, as is our Tri-God - God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit: Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian.  To any Cossack, any Russian person, Ukraine or Little Russia, as it was once called – is our mother.  It is our everything!  Therefore, the restoration of peace, of a fraternal union is the concern of the entire European civilization which has unified Christian roots.  The Cossacks are ready to act as peacemakers.

Thank you for your attention.  I wish you good health, happiness to your families and friends, prosperity and peace to our countries and I hope that this time I will be able to inform the Cossacks of the world of the joyful news.  God bless you!





May 23, 2018, UN HQ, New York, 22nd Session

Dear Mr. Chairman, representatives of the member states of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, members of NGOs, observers!


Who could have thought that my third time in the UN would be in such troubled times?  Having read and listened to excerpts of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ interview with Sweden’s television channel SVT we would like to state that we share his worries and concerns about peace, well-being and stability of mankind worldwide.

We, the non-governmental organization advocating and representing a people subjected to a most brutal genocide, having gone through indescribable horrors of extreme cruelty of red tape, coerced into dispersing around 40 countries, but not having bowed down to injustice, have a moral right in these times of a new round of the Cold War which seemed to have sunk into oblivion to voice our opinion and share the General-Secretary’s view that the Western countries and Russia got mired in conflict where "...things spiral out of control".

We see ourselves capable of assisting them in finding a way-out. We can take every effort in bringing the warring parties to dialogue to ease tension threatening peace on our planet.

We were a few times humbly boasting to have been the only international non-governmental organization to have supported the candidature of Donald Trump at the US Presidential elections from the very start of the campaign. There were two reasons to do so. Firstly, at the request of the Cossacks of America, most of whom are members of the Republican Party. Secondly, during his presidential election campaign Donald Trump promised to build friendly and efficient relations with our historic motherland – Russia and its president. We were among the first Cossack NGOs to appeal to our people and Russian compatriots to vote for Vladimir Putin as we were sure that the two leaders would ensure not only recognition of our historical rights but also establishment of European and American principles of democracy based on Christian values of charity, love and justice in the former Soviet countries.

I am sure all of us present here are ardent champions of peace in Syria. Russia seem to be treading in the right direction as it provides both military assistance and facilitates peacemaking processes thus helping the legitimate government of this country to reach peaceful agreement between the warring parties.

Exulted were we and the world community at large at the news of the US president having attained enormous success in fighting against the spread of nuclear weapons. He has forced the totalitarian regime of North Korea to give up the nuclear arms. To tell the truth we were ready, and the world community would have backed our initiative to nominate Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize in case of positive and peaceful solution of troublesome conflicts spreading all over the world.

However, to the regret of all the people here and in the UN in general, some backstage powers hinder final realization of these aspirations. In our view the presidents of the United States and Russia need to candidly talk to each other at some neutral territory. Kazakhstani president Nursultan Nazarbayev could be an arbitrator in the process as both have developed friendly and trusting relationship with him. No good can be expected if any such talks are organized with the participation of the media, especially American, as their biased attitude to both presidents is well-known. Together we can and must ensure and assist in this endeavor as we have world public opinion, the authority of the Chairman of the Committee, the Secretary-General and NGOs to rely on worldwide. We ought to do it in the memory of the Victory of our allied forces over the greatest vice of fascism. We make a motion to make the V-day a holiday all over the world.

We are convinced that the public of our countries will succeed in bringing our leaders to a roundtable of informal friendly talks. Any thoughtless step of theirs could make this world slide into catastrophe, and the humankind – into extinction.

We would like to back Jewish non-governmental and religious organizations in their public activity Jewish Voice for Peace which took place in NYC on May 20, 2018 where they have condemned the shooting of unarmed Palestinians during the celebration of the transfer of the capital to Jerusalem. Such acts do not only diminish the authority of the United Nations and fuel religious extremism and terror on the planet, but also are an imprudent attempt to aggravate relations between the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran, which, according to European countries, fulfills all international agreements and stick to its commitments.

It’s about time the Committee have started abandoning its obsolete bureaucratic procedures and granted the status to the World Union of Cossack Atamans with the ECOSOC. It could have taken the initiative and, turning to the UN Secretary-General with such proposal, invited to Kazakhstan the presidents of the United States and Russia for an informal meeting with the NGOs of our countries. If expenses for such events are not provided for by the budget of your committee, we are ready to take them on. I think we will be supported by ethnic Kazakh NGOs, the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, and the government of our country, as well as by all people of goodwill.

There is another reason why Kazakhstan ought to host the event. It was at the II Grand Cossack Assembly that the Cossacks of the member-states had nominated their presidents as the Supreme Atamans of Honour of the World Union of Cossack Atamans. Nursultan Nazarbayev was unanimously elected the Supreme Ataman of Honour five years ago, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin last October – as a sign of special respect of our people.

President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has invariably been the initiator of global initiatives which were sooner or later supported globally at various levels, i.e. starting with the complete renunciation of nuclear weapons in the early years of Kazakhstan’s sovereignty to the hosting of Peace Forums in Astana. Within the framework of this event the WUCA proposes holding a solemn ceremony of presenting the Cossack symbols of authority to the Honorable Supreme Atamans – the US and Russian presidents – a mace, a sabre and a horse. The events will be accompanied with the concerts and performances of Cossack ensembles, and the best amateur groups of ethnocultural associations of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

Thank you for your time and attention. I wish you good health, good luck to your relatives and friends, peace and prosperity to our nations and countries. I hope this time my people could rejoice at the news of the UN having taken a wise decision and granted us its status. God bless you!


Cossack General Yuriy Zakharov,