To His Excellency Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations



To His Excellency Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations

We would like to take the opportunity to call the attention of the UN Member States to our appeal




Dear Secretary-General Guterres,

Построение СКС 9 

We, the World Union of Cossack Atamans, on the verge of a spiraling cold war which seemed to have sunk into eternity do have the right to speak up. As we are a non-governmental organization championing for Cossacks.  The people who had gone through a most brutal genocide and exodus to more than forty countries of the world.  The people who had further been victims of an unprecedented violation of rights and deceit by those in power.  The people who had not surrendered to injustice and despair.  We share the UN Secretary-General’s deep concern that the conflict between the West and Russia have gone viral, with the conflict "...having reached its apogee".  We see it as our duty to assist you in finding a way out of the situation and giving our best effort for the rivalling counterparts to start a dialogue and overcome all tension threatening peace on the planet.

Equally we find it worrying that the status and role of the United Nations are being deliberately belittled.  We share your concern that the decisions to withdraw whole states from international UN bodies and agreements are made unilaterally and immediately put into force.  We find it disturbing that all issues, including cultural and humanitarian, are unwarrantably politicized.  We are feeling disquieted with all those actions by Russia and the US that are in no way contributing to the ease of tension and settlement of global issues of these difficult times.  «Inequalities are growing, and we see horrific violations of human rights. The role of civil society is shrinking.  The freedom of press is under attack».

We subscribe to your opinion on urgency of reforms and innovations within the UN agencies and bodies.  Four times did we take part in the work of a Committee within one of the UN platforms, namely the Committee on NGOs of the ECOSOC.  We regret to state it that this structure has become extremely rigid.  It is exploited by some member-states as a platform of pointless political arguments and a tool to suppress morale of NGOs forced to wait for the status being granted for years.  Such attitude impedes the Committee from executing its direct responsibilities – clear and unbiased consideration of applications for a Consultative status, as a result, it indirectly hinders efficient activity of NGOs within their countries.

For example, the application of the World Union of Cossack Atamans has been deferred and is to be reviewed at the Committee on NGOs for the fifth time in May 2019.  The flow of demands for clarification from the delegation of Russian Federation and its friendly member-states, as we see it now, will not go dry for a good many years to come.

We believe that our people’s diplomacy can and should help in establishing relations between countries and presidents.  Constructive relationship is what the world lacks.  For the sake of mankind, the heads of states are obliged to wake their responsibility to the humanity and the history.  They cannot afford personal dudgeon or interests.  As they serve the whole world and the whole humankind.

For a number of years, we worked in cooperation with now deceased the UN official representative in African states, the late director of the Hospitaller Order, a French citizen Ivan Petrov; Prince d’Arenberg; and a highly proficient military officer, a member of the Congress of Russian Americans Rostislav Semenovich Tsitovich.  We cooperate with a member of the European Parliament, the president of the NGO «Passeport pour la Liberté [Passport for Freedom]», Madame Dominique Anne Rambeau-Segovia, who is actively working in the humanitarian sphere in Africa, and who had once directly contributed to the release of hostages in Morocco; a historian, professor of the University of Oxford, Count Nikolay Dmitriyevich Tolstoy-Miloslavsky doing research in the history of Cossackhood and Cossack genocide at the beginning of the XX century;  the son of the late white Cossack Ataman executed in the USSR, engineer Sieghard von Pannwitz; a leading engineer of the Johnson&Johnson company Dr. Victor Bandurko (PhD in chemistry), the son of the White Cossack doctor having found refuge in the then U.S., who is now publishing memoires of his father and other Cossack Atamans having survived in the revolutionary Russia; professor of the National Law Academy, co-author of the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine, chairman of the Law and Legislation Committee of Ukrainian Rada, Dr. Olexander Kotsuba (PhD in law), and other civil society leaders of Eurasia.

We credit our efficiency to our Leader Nursultan Nazarbayev who was unanimously elected the Honourable Ataman-in-Chief of the World Union of Cossack Atamans as a sign of utmost respect of our people.  However disheartening the atmosphere within the Committee on NGOs may be, whose very existence depends on us - non-governmental organizations of the world and our work we do not lose heart. 

Our organization holds in high esteem your strong beliefs and enormous contribution to the cause of peace and social justice at the posts of the President of the European Union, as well as within the Socialist International.  We hope for mutual understanding and support of the Secretary-General.

I have the honor to profess myself with the most profound respect and humbly ask for an honor to report to the Cossackhood that the UN and its bodies have taken a wise decision to grant our organization a consultative status. We will assure you that our organization is able to become a real asset for the ECOSOC through providing first-hand information, and will do our best to persuade all member-states of the United Nations to grant you the right to veto some of its decisions concerning oppressed nations, which corresponds to the ideals of democracy, peace and harmony on the planet Earth.

On behalf of millions of compatriots, I wish you success in your noble cause!

We would like to address you with an appeal to receive us any time at your convenience during the 2019 Regular Session, Committee on NGOs which will take place at New York, UNHQ in May 2019. We wish you and the world peace and stability in the days the world celebrates the 74th anniversary of the V-day!

May angels lead you and may God protect you!


Very sincerely yours,


Cossack General Yuriy Zakharov,

Ataman-in-Chief, WUCA