World Union of Cossack Atamans


On December 5, 2012, in Kazakhstan, there was registered an International Non-governmental organization World Union of Cossack Atamans.

We, the Russian people and the Cossacks who have been scattered after the 1917 Revolution in more than forty countries of the world, represent the united Russian world who passionately love their motherland Russia and feel for its failures.

In Kazakhstan, our today’s fatherland, our triune people: Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian, as the Triune God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, the trinity of which is recognized by your Presbyterian Church, represent more than a third of the population that for over twenty-five years now supports the policy of President Nazarbayev aimed at peace and harmony between peoples, and allied relations with Russia.

We pride ourselves in a number of outstanding musical troupes – ensemble “Zvonnitsa-Naslediye” (in English translation – Belfry Heritage), which is one of the best groups performing national Cossack songs and dances is among them, famous sportsmen and glorious singers, all of whom give a fresh perspective into various official ceremonies and festivities with their lively concerts. This always brings a special touch, a flavour and colouring still unknown to many people of the world.

Our efforts and financial investments resulted in Cossacks in Kazakhstan receiving a historical building dating back to the XIX century, which is the best not only in our country, but also in the CIS, Cossack cultural center.

Our organization united under its umbrella more than 40 NGOs all over Kazakhstan, has its offices, transport and office facilities, and full-time employees in all regional centres and both capital cities.

Our organization was visited by Knut Vollebaek, OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities and his envoys. We took part in a meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, as well as Lyudmila Putin, president of "Russian language" fund and former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeniy Primakov, Alexander Krutov, president of the International Fund for Slavic Literature and Culture and many other foreign statesmen.

For centuries the Cossacks served Russia well in protecting its long borders and expanding its territory. That is what this people have always lived for and on. I must assure you that American Cossacks, descendants of those who had to flee the Russian Empire, keep this invaluable quality in their blood. Nobody but them can best ensure safe borders of the countries they live in. The spirit of true democracy is akin to the spirit of Cossackhood, as they had always been independent but true and faithful to their duty. 

We were closely following the presidential election campaigns in the United States and French Republic. We appealed to the people of Belarus to support Alexander Lukashenko, the people of Russia to support Putin, the people of Kazakhstan to support Nursultan Nazarbayev. We were one of the initiators of the peacekeeping efforts of the leaders of our countries to resolve the Ukrainian conflict. All the candidates that we supported triumphantly won presidential elections in their countries despite these controversial times, and in Ukraine everything at last seems to be moving towards peace, and not war. The World Union of Cossack Atamans was one of the few if not the only non-governmental organization to have been ardently supporting Donald Trump at this campaign both in our newspaper and electoral media.

A few words about WUCA’s Ataman-in-Chief Yuriy Zakharov. In early 90s was one of the founders of the International Congress of Russian Communities. Was awarded with the Order of Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow and the Order of Saint Righteous Grand Duke Dmitry Donskoy, and Letter of Commendation of His Holiness Alexis II Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia for building churches and strengthening Russian-Kazakhstani friendship, and with many other national and non-governmental awards of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and the USA for activities in consolidation of peace and interethnic concordance.

Ataman Zakharov holds a degree in journalism from the Kazakh National University. Graduated the Higher School of Politics and Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture. Honorary Academician of the International Informatization Academy (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Honorary Academician of the International Academy of the Cossacks (Kiev, Ukraine), Honorary Master of the International Academy of Economics and Social Sciences (Rome, Italy).

He is a co-founder of a number of enterprises of various types that carry out vast sponsoring and charity activity: gave assistance to the Muslim community of North Kazakhstan in building three mosques, refurbished and reconstructed orthodox churches in Southern Kazakhstan.

In 2005 President Nursultan Nazarbayev awarded Yuriy Zakharov with the order Kurmet (in English translation - Honour), in 2014 – the order Dostyk (in English translation - Friendship).

Yuriy Zakharov is the only non-governmental leader who entertained official support of the elders from the North Kazakhstan regions and prominent public figures and statesmen of our country who sent a letter to the Office of the President in the run-up to the elections to the Senate.